Miles Doolittle

Miles Doolittle


All my great accomplishments have had teamwork at their core. This has been a constant in my life, from a deep passion for football and rowing during my early years. In rowing, teamwork was critical to victory knowing that everyone needed to expend 100% to win.

Diversity of thought and experience is core to everything we do at QPE. Growing up and living across four different countries, I have always understood the importance of diverse perspective when navigating uncertainty and bringing confidence to decision making.

Radical self-awareness and transparency are fundamental to growing as a person and organisation. I learned this acutely during my undergraduate economics degree and more recently receiving my MBA. True development came when you could understand your weaknesses and learn from others’ experience. At QPE we try our best to apply this principle to all interactions with management teams and partners.

I have always been inspired by entrepreneurship and take great pride in helping facilitate it. I was introduced to the passion of entrepreneurs through my college roommates who founded a clothing brand from our flat. This continued during my early career at Citi where I focused on asset-based lending and leverage finance, supporting middle market companies to achieve their growth ambitions through debt financing. These experiences led me to QPE where I was drawn to the focus on partnership and bringing energy to help build sector leaders.

Working across the education, life sciences and tech-enabled services sectors, I am fortunate to work with businesses that focus on digital transformation and the transition to this incredibly dynamic and rapidly changing economy. Yet, these businesses still need to meet the needs of their human talent. I have always been drawn to getting most out of people, whether that was captaining my rowing team, being a formal mentor to new analysts at Citi or more recently leading the London Business Finance Club. At QPE empathy is part of our ethos, which extends to all stakeholders of the business, especially as businesses grow and rapidly expand their talent base.

After work, I do my best to get outdoors when the weather permits. Whether that is for a walk in the local park or challenging myself to summit a local or distant mountain. However, when I am feeling a little lazier, I like nothing better than visiting the pub with my wife and friends to challenge each other in a board game.

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