Queen’s Park Equity

QPE supports value creation through a dual focus on operational & strategic initiatives and accelerated growth opportunities

Our approach

QPE has a research-led, sector-focused approach which leverages the team’s extensive expertise and networks across Education, Health & Pharma and Tech & Business Services.

We seek to partner with ambitious entrepreneur-led businesses seeking capital and expertise to support accelerated growth.

Investment criteria

QPE invests up to £60m to support the accelerated growth of businesses operating in the Education, Health & Pharma and Tech & Business Services sectors in the UK and Europe.


Entrepreneurial empathy

We seek to build enduring partnerships with likeminded ambitious teams who share our passion, energy and entrepreneurism in building and growing businesses


Sector focus

Sector-focused approach leveraging the team’s extensive expertise across:

  • Education
  • Health & Pharma
  • Tech & Business Services


QPE predominantly focuses on the UK and Ireland, but we have the ability to invest internationally in our chosen sectors



Enterprise Values between £15 – £80 million
Majority and significant Minority investments

Sector focus

By 2026 the global corporate e‑learning market size will be worth

£50 billion

The QPE team has been committed to investing in the education & training sector for 20+ years understanding the unique position that the UK holds as a world leader and innovator in the sector. This comparative advantage has helped us back UK education companies that have expanded nationally across the UK and globally through organic and acquisitive means. Education for us encompasses independent nurseries, schools and higher education institutions alongside e-learning businesses and education service providers.

Developments in technology and heightened globalisation are changing the way that all industries operate. We fundamentally understand this from an education perspective and have helped management teams capitalise on these changes or adapt to them, whether through board level support, strategic advice, development of digital capabilities or acquisition. With such rapid change, education will only increase in demand as people require access to lifelong learning to upskill or cross skill throughout their lives. QPE are committed to partnering with management teams to ensure quality and best-in-class service for the provision of this fundamental human necessity.

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Focussed on innovative, patient centric, outcomes-focused Health & Pharma solutions across multi-billion valued market niches

Macro trends including ageing populations, increased prevalence of chronic illnesses and lifestyle changes are, and will continue to, drive an increased need for public and private Healthcare and Pharma services. This growing demand however needs to be balanced against budgetary and infrastructure constraints as well as a shortage of skilled clinicians that is shaping the collective focus away from treatment to presentation and early intervention.

This presents opportunities for businesses who can provide high-quality and effective services, whilst also helping to reduce the overall cost of delivery, especially those leveraging new strategies, capabilities, and technologies.

Technology touches all aspects of our lives as well as the underlying economy and its adoption in the vast majority will continue to substantially accelerate in a post-Covid world

As virtually all businesses are forced to adapt to new and unprecedented working conditions, topics such as secure remote working environment, cloud migration, data analytics, secure remote payments/ transactions and overall digital transformation are more relevant than ever before.

At QPE we support entrepreneurial management teams of tech-enabled businesses at the forefront of the digital agenda that enable SMEs and Enterprises to accelerate their transition to the digital world to unlock operational efficiencies, and doing so in the most secure environment.

In partnership with us

In partnership with us

Working together

We are an energetic and passionate team with a combined 60 years of direct private equity investing experience, working with entrepreneurs to grow businesses and drive value creation.

We partner with business owners and management teams seeking capital and expertise to support accelerated growth. Our style is transparent, collaborative and empathetic.

“We excel in supporting the journey of our teams as we ourselves are entrepreneurs, relentlessly applying our empathy and energy in the pursuit of mutual excellence.”

Jonny Kay

Managing Partner, QPE

Value creation

QPE and its Ambassador Network supports portfolio companies through a dual focus on operational & strategic initiatives and accelerated growth opportunities.

We have a disciplined approach to value creation by actively partnering with our portfolio companies, supporting both organic and accelerated growth strategies.


Operational & strategic initiatives

  • QPE’s Ambassador Network acts as a sounding board for strategic decisions and to share their experiences of successful value creation.
  • Bespoke strategic planning leveraging sector-specific expertise of the QPE team and their proven value creation pillars.
  • Empathetic style and relationship-driven investment process critical to fulfilling the role as your trusted partner.

Accelerated growth

  • QPE’s relentless origination team and research capability will work to map markets, speak to sector experts and gather competitive intelligence to unlock commercial opportunities and bolt-on acquisitions.
  • We support management teams to explore organic growth opportunities, buy & build strategies, internationalisation, vertical integration, portfolio expansion and service line expansion.

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