Unlocking the Cloud: Navigating the Complexities and Seizing Growth Opportunities

17th May 2023

Unlocking the Cloud: Navigating the Complexities and Seizing Growth Opportunities

The world of cloud computing has grown significantly, giving rise to a vast ecosystem of technologies, products, and services that have created a multi-billion pound economy. Cloud providers are fiercely competing for market share, with the industry estimated to be worth £260 billion and projected to reach £1 trillion by 2030.

For consumers, navigating this complex cloud ecosystem and determining the most relevant tech stack can be challenging, particularly outside of the industry giants such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform. Companies are increasingly using multiple cloud software building blocks to create their own digital experiences, connecting with customers, employees, and partners. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend.

To do this effectively, organisations must work with cloud software platforms from a seemingly ever increasing number of vendors, personalise them to meet their specific business challenges, and integrate them into their day to day processes. Companies are also turning to disruptive technologies and process such as AI and machine learning, RPA, DevOps, containerisation, and virtual collaboration tools, while also ramping up their privacy and cybersecurity efforts.

In particular, cloud containerisation represents a significant growth opportunity, projected to grow from $1.2 billion in 2020 to $4.1 billion in 2025. One of the key drivers of cloud containerisation is the need to modernise legacy software applications that were designed for traditional on-premises infrastructure. Many organisations are finding that their existing software applications and IT infrastructure are no longer able to meet their business needs, and they need to update them to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud.

Rapid digitalisation is compelling companies to upgrade and modernise their software ecosystem to drive cost savings, improve efficiency and business agility. By implementing cloud software and cloud solutions, organisations can achieve their key business goals effectively, moving their main workflows to a cloud based platform, and digitalise their processes. However, having migrated to the cloud, many companies are struggling to make the most of this increasing digitalisation and data. They are also trying to engage customers, employees, suppliers, and partners in a digital and seamless manner. Connecting these emerging technologies to the everyday challenges of running a business has become more mission-critical and complex than ever before.

This environment has created an opportunity for a new generation of cloud consulting firms and systems integration partners. These trusted service providers can guide customers in this complex, interconnected, digital environment, and help cloud vendors adopt, manage, and extend their solutions.

At QPE, we recognise a substantial opportunity to invest in businesses that assist customers in managing the intricate cloud ecosystem. We are particularly interested in providers that help companies address critical concerns such as security and privacy, moving away from legacy technology, and regulatory compliance related to data control.

This includes professional services and managed services providers that help their customers support cloud migration within the hyperscalers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, but also businesses that provide value-add services and systems implementation for additional cloud-based software to create additional revenue opportunities and increase operational efficiency. Technologies such as ServiceNow for IT service Management, Anaplan for Enterprise Performance Management, Snowflake for data services, and Marketo or HubSpot for marketing automation.

We’re highly excited by the opportunities this presents, and are keen to speak to ambitious business owners in these areas to help them realise their potential and turbo charge their growth in this evolving and exciting sector

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