Republic M!

Specialist provider of outsourced commercialisation services to the pharmaceutical industry

Investment date: April 2022

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Republic M! (“RM!”), based in the UK and the Netherlands, is a specialist provider of outsourced commercialisation services to the pharmaceutical industry. The business delivers digital & omnichannel engagement with healthcare professionals (“HCPs”) across its three key service lines of Remote Detailing, Virtual Events and Multi-Channel Manager Software.

Founded in 2004 in the Netherlands, RM! has grown its presence across the UK, DACH and Benelux regions, as well as internationally, to become a market leading digital omnichannel execution and software specialist, maximising behavioural change on behalf of its global pharma and biotech clients who span more than 60 countries globally.

“The pharmaceutical industry has increased investment in digital and the industry needs expert support to successfully execute digital channels. Republic M! has become the brand associated with quality. There is opportunity to grow the business further by combining the UK, DACH and Benelux & International businesses to form the Republic M! Group. We are delighted to be partnering with QPE on this journey, who will support our expansion which will provide exciting opportunities for collaboration, growth and career progression for our talented employees.”

Nick Lavery

CEO, Republic M!


By partnering with QPE, management will continue to expand relationships with pharma clients as well as enhance RM!’s cross-sell capabilities. RM!’s highly scalable business model, strong existing global pharma relationships and reputation will support this accelerated growth in new and existing markets.

“We have tracked the impressive growth of RM! for a number of years and our investment exemplifies QPE’s sector focused and partnership based approach. We are delighted to support Nick, Joeri and Rob Wood and the wider team as global demand for RM!’s services continue to expand and we look forward to working in close partnership with the team to deliver on the next phase of further accelerated and international growth.” 

Jonny Kay

Managing Partner, QPE

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