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Investment date: May 2021

Follow-on investments: 1

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Sagacity, based in London, is a leading provider of tech-enabled customer data management solutions predominantly to the utilities, telecoms and financial services sectors. Founded in 2005 by Anita Dougall, Malka Townshend and Harry Dougall, the business offers three core solutions within the lifecycle of its clients’ customers; reducing bad debt, improving revenue & margin and optimising customer value. Sagacity generates impressive ROI (often >10x within a 6–12 month period) for some of the largest utility, telecoms and financial services corporates and is very well positioned to capitalise on the multi-million UK market opportunity. The financial results and accuracy of services achieved by Sagacity are significantly superior to those achieved by the in-house departments of corporates and Sagacity’s unique positioning ensures competition is limited, with only the large consultancies partly addressing the opportunity.

“Organisations are sitting on valuable data and we work in collaboration with them to unlock the potential. Our clients typically achieve £m’s in benefits, realising over 10 times return on investment in 6-12 months, with a focus on delivering a positive customer experience. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the QPE team to execute this transaction. They understood our business very quickly and grasped the critical drivers and market potential. Our leadership team is very much looking forward to working with QPE to maximise the exciting opportunities ahead.”

Anita Dougall

CEO, Sagacity


Sagacity Solutions is well positioned to address a substantial ongoing market issue through a differentiated end to end, well invested tech-enabled platform and services. Bad debt, revenue leakage and customer value are key areas of focus for its blue-chip clients, which have been heightened by the pandemic. There is a significant organic growth opportunity to increase share of wallet with current clients and to win more market share within its core sectors of utilities, telecoms and financial services, and in adjacent sectors such as social housing and insurance. There is also the opportunity for growth through carefully selected strategic acquisitions which could enhance the product offering or provide access into new end markets.

Sagacity’s unique offering is demonstrated by strong relationships with its clients and the substantial ROIs it delivers. To date, the business has been built through the founders’ network and inbound enquiries. QPE will work with the team to optimize routes to market and client engagement. Beyond its differentiated positioning, Sagacity has transitioned from a pure-play consultancy offering to a recurring service model leveraging its technology platform.

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“Anita, Malka, Harry and the wider Sagacity team have built an impressive business, which is exemplified by its very strong positive customer feedback and financial performance. Sagacity addresses a substantial ongoing market need through its key data led offerings, underpinned by deep sector knowledge and experience, well invested technology infrastructure and target driven services. The impressive RoIs it generates for clients makes it a compelling solution for other operators within the key sectors of focus. We’re delighted that the founders have chosen QPE to support Sagacity during this next stage of strong growth and have enjoyed getting to know the team and the business’ DNA, which makes it unique in its market.”

Kajen Mohanadas


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