Adil Abdoula


Passion is what drives us to do extraordinary things. At QPE, we relish the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs who are incredibly passionate about what they do and by providing the right supporting structures, a boost of focused energy and a little bit of our own passion we can help turn ambition into reality.

I was born and raised in Mauritius, a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic island in the middle of the Indian Ocean which taught me a lot about the value that diversity can bring. I learnt to appreciate and embrace the views and ideas of others, especially when I disagreed the most – a value which for me lies at the heart of every successful business relationship.

I grew up in a family that taught me to work hard for what I wanted and that with great determination and perseverance, nothing was really impossible. From a young age, I was told to question things and to challenge the norm which is why I love spending time with founders who aspire to be different and who aren’t afraid of disrupting existing models and being unconventional in their approach.

After more than 8 years at EY working with a range of businesses at different points in their growth journey, I realised that there was a common thread that linked all of us together – and that was the desire to have an Impact!

Every day, we work with teams who are passionate about creating value and positively influencing the world we live in, whether it’s through the people they work with or the customers they serve. At QPE we have the opportunity to extend this impact to a scale that’s only limited by our imagination and our desire to achieve the goals we set ourselves.

Entrepreneurial Empathy is a term you will hear a lot at QPE. It forms part of our DNA! It permeates everything we do and defines how we interact with each other. For me, this translates into recognising the day-to-day practical and emotional challenges faced by the teams we work with and owning up to our responsibility to support them in the best possible way, be it as a sounding board to share concerns and ideas, or as an active partner ready to roll up our sleeves when needed the most.

Outside of work, I am truly passionate of personal development and find supporting individuals or social enterprises through their growth journey incredibly rewarding. My best moments are usually spent at music festivals or with close friends and family sharing a hearty, home-made meal.

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