Ed Goddard

Origination Partner

I’ve always enjoyed the dual functions of the origination role – researching interesting niches to identify exciting businesses as well as developing long-term relationships with their owners and managers.

And forging long-term relationships with business owners is central to what we do so that when the time comes, they will consider us to be the best partner for and custodian of their business. And it’s very much a two-way thing – we want our future partners to be as excited to work with us as we are with them. It’s never too early to have that initial conversation and start the relationship.

My first job was with a start-up which grew to over 2,500 FTEs – there were many occasions in the early years when we really had to roll up our sleeves. As such, I totally understand the journey that many entrepreneurs go on and the energy and passion needed to succeed.

We’re very proud of the team we have built at QPE – having different views and opinions around the table is so important and we all learn a lot from each other’s past experiences. Each team member possesses high levels of both IQ and, importantly, EQ.

Every management team are different, with differing personal and professional goals, ambitions and objectives – we strive to find the right solution for each one. Empathy – understanding these differences – plays a huge part in this.

It’s never too early to have an introductory call or meeting. Often potential transactions could be years in the future – but what’s very clear is that our best results have been where we’ve had the best relationships with management, both professional and social. There are management teams of businesses we have long since exited who we still socialise with today.

I’ve always been an avid sportsman, whether it be cricket, football or golf – both of my parents were talented at various sports and always encouraged me. It’s fair to say I watch more than I play these days, though I do continue to enjoy the odd round of golf.

My wife and I love to travel, particularly back to her hometown of Melbourne. A few weeks of summer in the middle of our winter, visiting the vineyards of the Yarra Valley or the Mornington Peninsula, or Boxing Day at the MCG … it’s just the ticket.

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