Jose Rodriguez

Managing Partner

Growing up, my father and many around me ran their own small businesses. I saw how tough it was to start something from scratch and admired their determination. I realised back then I wanted to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

I value enormously the opportunity to work with businesses which are poised for growth but require further capital and expertise to reach the next stage.

I get excited by working with people who want to excel and are passionate about what they do. I am lucky to have a job that I love where we can support management teams across many disciplines from finance and business development to HR and tech innovation.

Even before moving to the UK in 2002, I was fascinated by the influence of this small island in the world. I believe entrepreneurship has been at the core of its success.

Living in Mexico taught me that markets can move very fast. Aiming for the best, whilst preparing for the unexpected, is the right strategy.

I like people that can change their mind in the light of new information. We work with teams that challenge themselves. It is the only way to stay on top.

After a 25-year professional career in private equity, finance and economic research, I have developed a true passion for our sectors. Our companies differentiate themselves based on quality. We love businesses where pushing for best-in-class is core to the strategy.

I learnt a lot from playing water polo at University. No matter how hard you work, nobody can win without a strong team.

Management teams considering partnering with QPE should know that we will work tirelessly to make their business extremely successful. Nothing makes us prouder than winning together.

One of our greatest achievements is our Ambassadors network. We are grateful they have chosen to work with us repeatedly over the last 15 years.

Empathy is at the heart of what we do. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is paramount. I behave at work the same way I do at home. I am straightforward and transparent but respect other people’s views.

Success is never just about financial returns. We aim to develop meaningful long-term relationships with our stakeholders and work-life harmony.

Outside work, I spent most of the time with my wife, children, and more recently our new puppy. I still manage to squeeze a bike ride here and there and a weekly football match at my local park.

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