Kaj Mohanadas


Working in PE is a privilege. As investors we get to meet and work with a wide array of impressive, bright and ambitious entrepreneurs. It is humbling, inspiring and rewarding as well as being incredibly interesting and hugely enjoyable!

My father was owner and manager of a small business and often brought home his successes as well as his daily trials and tribulations. This backdrop provided me with an early understanding and empathy of what goes with managing a business. It can be challenging and lonely without the right support.

I reluctantly admit that I enjoyed studying Economics at Cambridge University. I was engrossed by the subject and how theory can be used to explain what goes on in the outside world. I’m a geek at heart that enjoys the application of theory, data and judgement to inform decision making.

I started my career almost twenty years ago as a corporate finance advisor at EY, focussed primarily on lower to mid-market technology, media and telecoms businesses. I also qualified as a Chartered Accountant during that time.

A short period in bulge bracket investment banking, primarily spent building and perfecting slides on Microsoft PowerPoint in the run up to and during the 2008 financial crisis quickly made me realise that I preferred to work with and add value to smaller, entrepreneurial businesses! On that note, Monkey Business is a great read.

I made the move to private equity early in my career as I was really keen to proactively help businesses grow and see the management teams that I support succeed.

Prior to joining QPE, I was at Rutland Partners LLP, a hands-on private equity investor for twelve years, investing in and supporting market leading businesses in transition; requiring change programmes and active portfolio management to unlock unfulfilled potential.

We at QPE do not provide a commoditised offering. If you are looking for a silent, passive provider of capital, thank you for visiting, we wish you all the best in the future but without meaning to offend, you are on the wrong website.

These days there are numerous sources of capital for entrepreneurs, however, picking the right partner to support the next stage of growth is incredibly important. Business owners really need to think about what prospective investors bring to the table in terms of capabilities, network / relationships and experience as well as track record. Personal chemistry and the ability to build an open, honest and trusting relationship is at least equally if not more important.

I joined Queen’s Park Equity in its inception. It was an easy decision. The opportunity to be part of a young, ambitious yet supportive investment business with a set of clear value-enhancing strategies at an early stage was incredibly attractive. Not many first-time funds were raised during the coronavirus lockdown. We like to think it reflects the opportunities we chose to support, the value we bring to our management teams and our exceptional personal track records.

The acceptance and adoption of technology has really accelerated since the coronavirus lockdown as people across the globe are forced to embrace change. We are especially excited by businesses at the forefront of this change, backing entrepreneurs with a clear vision on transforming the markets they operate in.

At QPE, we do not buy out businesses. We do not take over the day to day running of businesses. We are experienced and highly successful investors who partner with ambitious management teams. We add value through strategic discussion and support opportunities to accelerate growth through the provision of insight and capital.

We are all humans at QPE, not robots. We collaborate, bounce ideas off each other and talk about everything, not just the latest trading update. We like to instil this open culture into the partnerships we build with teams.

Outside of the office, I’m sometimes found (when my young family allow me to!) pushing myself in the local CrossFit box or running along the River Thames attempting to undo the consequences of my love of food. I also support Arsenal, though this has become more difficult in recent years.

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