Paul Mangan


As a member of the origination team, I spend most of my time at QPE speaking with ambitious management teams to understand their growth strategies, motivations and future plans.

I feel very proud to be an early joiner at QPE. It’s hugely exciting to have joined at the start of the fund, knowing that the businesses I contact now will be the relationships we forge over the lifetime of the fund and future funds to come.

We like to get to know businesses early – even if investment is many years away, an early-stage conversation is never time wasted on our side. It’s great to get to know a business as it scales, so that when the time is right, management teams think of us as the best partner going forward.

My favourite part of the job is getting to understand exciting new niches. Throughout my career I’ve been involved in deals ranging from pharmaceutical regulatory compliance and drug safety, to energy brokerage and car park management – it has been fascinating mapping and understanding the quirks and drivers of these diverse areas.

We excel at supporting management teams with a clear strategy whether that be through unlocking future acquisitions, the adoption of technology or entering new geographies, our role is to back ambitious entrepreneurs to achieve these.

Both my parents were teachers, so I’m delighted that investing in the education sector is a core focus for QPE. It’s very exciting to speak with exceptional education businesses that make a genuine impact on people’s lives and future careers.

Understanding and adapting to business owners’ aspirations is the key to our success. QPE was founded on the principal of entrepreneurial empathy, so we spend a lot of time understanding business owner’s goals so that we can help accelerate them.

Digital transformation is at the core of all our key sectors. We’re hugely excited by the prospect of investing in businesses where there is the opportunity to become best-in-class through the adaptation of technology.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing tennis (badly), skiing, and am a long-suffering supporter of Tottenham Hotspur. I have a cat named Gordon who regularly interrupts my QPE video calls!

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