Prudence Howell-Jones


I find the origination role at QPE especially engaging as it not only allows me to research interesting businesses and sectors, but also develop lasting relationships with the owners of these businesses.

QPE places a strong focus on entrepreneurial empathy as we believe strong partnerships lead to the most accelerated growth. I find it extremely rewarding to identify small, passionate businesses and work closely with them to achieve ambitious growth.

We adopt the ethos that it is never too early for an initial conversation. We are looking to make connections and whilst investment might be further down the line, it is always important to build a network of likeminded, ambitious individuals.

My previous role allowed me to work across a breadth of industries whilst supporting private equity firms in their due diligence research. This sparked my interest in niche sectors as it gave me the chance to explore rapidly growing industries and map markets I had previously never heard of.

Life Sciences has been a sector which I have always found fascinating as it combines science and technology to aid ground-breaking research. The need for constantly advancing technology in this industry is becoming increasingly more relevant and it excites me to engage with businesses who look to disrupt the market with new ideas.

The sectors we focus on have a habit of overlapping and this allows us to utilise an extensive list of experts from our Ambassador Network who provide invaluable insights and expertise. This network is also a great example of our dedication to creating long-lasting relationships, as the majority formerly chose QPE team members to help them accelerate the growth of their own businesses.

I grew up playing sport from a young age and can still be found playing hockey and tennis on the weekends. All the exercise is fuelled by my love of Italian food and I’m currently attempting to perfect my chef skills with a new pasta maker and pizza oven.

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